Critical Success Factors

Manage Interfaces - We ensure that all interfaces between the project stakeholders are defined and understood by everyone involved.

Ensure Predictable Deliveries - We define the following at the very on-set of every project we undertake

Ensure a Defect-free Product at Every Stage

  • We employ ISO 9001/CMMi Level 3 compliant processes
  • There are regular Internal Reviews and Audits
  • Well defined entry and exit criteria for each task
  • Methodologies tailored to client's requirements
  • Project wide standards and guidelines
  • Planning for Helpdesk and Support activities
  • Well established quality controls
  • Planning Communication cycle Regular status reporting and feedback cycle

Retain Business and Functional knowledge

  • We rotate people between onsite and offshore
  • We believe in maintaining adequate documentation for all stages and deliverables of the project
  • We identify a core team which takes charge of the affairs of the Offshore Development Centre, takes management decisions, works to improve quality and productivity and mentors new resources.

Create a 'WE' team

  • We plan regular client visits to our Offshore Data Center(ODC) to help maintain complete transparency of operations
  • We plan regular Steering Committee meetings

Maintain Secure Environment

  • Prevent unauthorized access to client IT set-up at ODC
  • We have well-articulated back-up policies and procedures
  • Protect client's Intellectual Property (IP) With more projects, less resources, tight budgets and shrinking delivery cycle times, it's all about quality deliverables. Our personalized delivery management enabled by our global delivery framework leads to efficient execution, driving costs down, and meeting deadlines; allowing us to exceed customer expectations.
  • Shortened Lead Times - Our clients can leverage the ready infrastructure provided by our Offshore Development Centre to jump-start its projects. Offshore teams can be rapidly ramped up and down. This substantially shortens lead times for project startup.
  • Extend the reach of your IT resources - The client has direct access to a large pool of software engineers with diverse skill sets and expertise
  • Flexibility in resource ramp-up/down - Ramp up /downsize resources at relatively short notice.
  • Higher Utilization and productivity - Retained knowledge, efficient resource allocation and resource sharing between projects lead to optimal resource utilization. Dedicated client resources reduce effort spent on induction and training.
  • Faster Development Advantage - Use of time-zone difference as an advantage to hasten development time. A 24-Hour cycle can be kept going to speed up development time.
  • Leverage Highest Quality Standards - Access to best practices and methodologies that increase the quality of your applications
  • Retain Domain and Skill Knowledge - A dedicated team working on the customer's software/technology will retain domain knowledge. There is also total freedom to propagate client's own corporate procedures, systems and management techniques at the ODC. Protection of intellectual property based on international IP laws.
  • Shared responsibility - AK Software Solutions takes increasing ownership of client responsibilities as the transition happens from professional services/project mode to GDC mode. Guaranteed performance as per agreed SLAs.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Perspective - Significant cost savings on infrastructure and manpower costs at offshore vis-a-vis the client's home country (cost savings of 35-55 percentage as compared to an in-house execution). Time and cost savings on the long gestation period that will be needed for setting up an offshore subsidiary.

AK Software Solutions Delivery Assurance is based on the following five areas:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Productivity
  • Cost
  • Morale


While speed is the essence of the service, Quality is paramount. AK Software Solutions has strict quality guidelines for the final output being sent to the customer.

Our Quality policy: "To create a culture of Total Quality where continuous improvement of our people, our processes and our products become a way of life, and delight our customer by meeting and exceeding requirements and expectations"

The primary focus of quality is on:

  • Completeness: A measure of the ability to complete all processes and to process all data.
  • Timelines: A measure of the ability to provide processed outputs in a timely manner. We deliver on time every time.
  • Accuracy: A measure of the ability to process data and interpret results accurately. The results delivered have to be accurate depending on the agreed guidelines and criteria.


Consistency is our baseline for achieving Total Quality Management.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): SLA documents pre-determined and mutually agreed terms of service levels in terms of volume, time and accuracy.
  • Business Process Manuals (BPM): BPM describes Business Processes at high level along with Control and Quality Assurance Processes.
  • Document Management: Well-defined document management system catering to document requirements at each process level.


Resource productivity is the key to timely delivery. We measure our productivity against the number of parameters, some of which are:


Turnaround time, Service Levels, Operational Incidents/Bugs

Best Practices

Continuous Process Improvement, Transition Management, Customer Feedback, Trainings


AK Software Solutions is focused on building long-term strategic partnership with its customers. Our flexible engagement models best serve your unique business requirements thus ensuring a successful strategic partnership with us. You have the option to select one of the following pricing models: fixed price, time and materials, Global Development Center or Build Operate and Transfer as well as combine one or more available models to suit the various phases of your project on custom software, web or database design and development.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Project is our low-risk software delivery model. FPP is ideal for one off project requirements, where you need external expertise and resources. Recommended for situations where your project requirements, Deliverables, cost and timelines are very clearly defined.

AK Software Solutions manages the entire project from Inception to Closure within the specified time and cost while ensuring quality. Our technical lead travels onsite to gather project requirements from end users. Once the application is developed, our experts install it on-site and train your people. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services.

Time and Material Model

Time and Material model enables us to implement the project structure including the team members, equipment and infrastructure based on your projected requirements. The model offers greater flexibility to customize manpower and resource commitment according to the projected workloads. You have the flexibility to enhance or downsize the project team, based on the progress of your project.

In several projects, particularly in emerging technology markets specifications and implementation plans could be continuously changing. In such cases, AK Software Solutions Time and Material model is the most effective delivery model.

Hybrid Model

Hybrid Model is our most common model. This model brings in a best mix of both Fixed Price and Time and Material Model.

Dedicated Development Center Model

AK Software Solutions's Dedicated Development Center Model offers you a Managed Development Facility which acts as a virtual extension of your existing team.

We help setup the project team including the project management staff, setting-up equipment and infrastructure based on your requirements. You would have direct access to the team during this time period, allowing you to assign tasks based on your needs while facilitating phased ramp-up. You determine how much project management oversight you desire when setting up the overall team composition.

AK Software Solutions Dedicated Development Center provides scalable, proven model, accessible when and where you require them. Flexibility, transparency and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our operating model. Our proven methodologies and skilled associates help customers with their mission-critical but often backlogged projects or basic support requirements.

AK Software Solutions does not replace your IT team. Instead, we supplement and expand your 'core' capabilities with a scalable combination of on-site and remote services. These ensure your project is handled by the right group of people - yours and ours, working together.

Build Operate Transfer (B.O.T) Model

AK Software Solutions's Build-Operate-Transfer model enables you to rapidly start your own offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as your own subsidiary.

AK Software Solutions provides the following value during each phase of the process: Build

Setup the facility and infrastructure, staff the development center, and establish knowledge transfer.


Manage the offshore organization: Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and product support.


Register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations.